Antelope Valley Business 10 Social Media Time Management Tips

Most small business owners in Antelope Valley realize that Social Media is something important to do, but often they are not sure how to make time for it. Below is a helpful list of how to make your social media management an effective campaign:

1. Create a game plan. Find out where potential customers might be having online conversations in Lancaster, CA. Join them in the conversation. Google notifications can be a very useful tool to use for this.

2. Don’t worry about being perfect. Watch and learn from others as you build up your skills. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from others, and always be willing to learn.

3. Focus on one tool at a time. It is far better to use one tool at a time well than to use 10 horribly. Use the tools that make sense for your target audience in Palmdale, CA.

Antelope Valley Social Media

4. Appear consistently. It is better to spend 1 hour per week than to spend 3 1/2 hours one week and 15 minutes the next.

5. Use your voice online. People respect someone’s human voice conveyed online when they are representing their company name and brand in the Antelope Valley.

6. Set time limits for yourself. It is easy to get sidetracked, so be sure to set time limits for yourself for each tool you intend to use, and respect your pre-set limits.

7. Turn off those notifications. Many times, these notifications only serve as a distraction to keep you from accomplishing your tasks.

8. Schedule out new online posts. Whatever platforms you are using, make sure to schedule new and fresh content weekly.

9. Analyze your Analytics. It is important to track the progress of your work for yourself and for those that you work for. Google Analytics will help you track the progress of your online traffic; who they are and where they are coming from.

10. Set a realistic expectation for a return on investment for your social media. Every task should have a set goal, and it is important to track its progress.

What tools or strategies do you use to save time with your business social media?

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