How To Add or Enable Facebook Video Chat

I was hearing all of the hype about the “exciting” new feature Facebook came out with that allowed you to have video chat with your Facebook friends. This was all made possible through a partnership with Microsoft / Skype. But when it came time to try out this new toy, there were no obvious instructions in how to access this feature! That’s 1 demerit against Facebook for not making this setup more apparent.

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of how to enable this Facebook Video Chat feature.

1.) Go to this link:
2.) Follow the instructions on that page which will include downloading and installing the video chat plugin.
3.) Once it is installed properly, you will go your Facebook profile page, look at the bottom right corner where the Chat box is. Click the chat box which will expand and display your Facebook friends. If there is a green circle next to their name, that means they are online.
4.) Click on the person you wish to chat with via video. This will open a regular text chat box. In the top right corner of this little chat box you will see 3 small icons, and one of them is a camera icon. Click on that camera icon and then Facebook will try contacting that person via the chat video. If the person accepts, then you should be able to see video of yourself and the other person you are contacting. You will also notice typical features such as enlarging the video to full screen and the X close option which will end the video chat. Keep in mind, both people must already have the feature activated in order to talk via the video chat.

Unfortunately, Facebook only allows you to open a video chat with 1 person at a time.

Have fun with the video chat and always remember you are on camera…so be careful where you scratch and that you don’t start picking your nose. The person on the other end of the video chat might not appreciate it.

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