How to use Social Media to boost your business

Facebook is quickly becoming the new way for businesses to reach out to more consumers than ever. Ads based on content have a better chance of hitting home, and ads involving tacit endorsements from the people you know have a better chance of capturing your attention. The social network will be changing to social advertising and this marks fundamental departures from traditional direct advertising with television and radio.

“Everything starts with great content from the Page,” says one of the Facebook documents. “Paid, owned, and earned work seamlessly together.” these materials describing the new units were posted to Scirbd earlier this week (

Facebook is currently poised to introduce a new set of premium ad units and they are focusing on 2 core principles: First, the new ads will automatically show users when their friends have already “Liked” the advertiser. Second, the new formats draw their content exclusively from posts to brands’ Facebook Pages by subscribers and fans. By Giving users the ability to respond to the content inside the ad, they can post on the user’s friends News Feeds, as well as directly on the brand’s page. In this way the ads are less like traditional broadcast advertisements and more like viral mechanisms that perpetuate the conversations all over the social network, which gives the brand’s visibility in places it may not have otherwise reached.

“When people hear about you from friends, they listen,’ the Facebook materials say. ‘We’ll expand your ad with stories from friends who have already connected.’  And according to tests Facebook has been running, the company said the new advertising performed internally and these new ads have produced 40 percent more interaction, and are 80 percent more likely to be remembered by those that view them. The company documents also claim the ads produce ‘signficant increases’ in purchase intent, and it claims that viewers of an ad are four times more likely to purchase when they ‘see friends interact with a brand.’ The Facebook documents say that brands will continue to be able to target their ads as they do today, choosing to place their ads in front of any of Facebook’s 845 million users who fit demographic and interest criteria selected by the advertiser.” – From the article “Facebook’s New, Entirely Social Ads Will Recreate Marketing” on (

If your business is looking for a quick fix with advertising, this is the best time ever to get involved with your social network and use it as a tool to increase your sales. Although this is something that you can do yourself, who has the time? That’s what professionals are for, there are many options of companies that provide everything from just a basic Facebook page, all the way up to a website and all the social networks (twitter, linkedin, etc.). I recommend that you find a full service company as you must look professional and up to date with technology. With the internet it’s all about appearances, and easy to navigate webpages that stand out from your competition.

Alex Ash – OC Media Works

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